The View from my Soapbox (Literally)

  • Art in the Time of Emotional Turmoil

    Some days I awake feeling as though the world around me may in fact implode. The seemingly endless stories of hatred, constant fear, and tragic los...
  • Summers Off: How Leaving Social Media Helped my Small Business (and my sanity)

    Instead of spending four months engulfed by overheated tempers, whiny online trolls, and ridiculously frigid hours of air conditioning, I decided I needed to find a way to reconnect with that part of me that DID love summer.
  • Why Everyone Ought to be Buying Handcrafted Bar Soap

    There is magic in soapmaking--it's the perfect balance between art and chemistry. It allows us to make something beautiful (or on occasion, catastrophic). It can reflect our mood, our style, our passions. It tells a story of creativity and joy. It is not a simple bar of soap you are buying; it is a piece of someone's heart and soul.
  • Why Packaging and Presentation Matters

    There is an excitement and an itch that comes when an individual purchases a product or good. It's a signal to our reward system that we have successfully sought and gained the thing in which we desired.
  • Favored Herbs for Bathing

    It's springtime. Rosebushes are bursting forth with brilliant hues, stalks of lavender are endlessly enticing bees, and dandelions dot our backyards with dots of vibrant yellow. But did you know these common plants lead a double life?