Why Packaging and Presentation Matters

Everybody likes pretty. Those things which please the eye, catch our breath, or inspire beautiful memories. This is evident even in the animal kingdom, where male peacocks strut their plumage to impress the ladies or where Japanese puffer fish use a unique method of sand art, complete with seashell accents, to attract a mate. The same can be said for us humans. We adore beauty, whether exhibited openly or hidden beneath layers of complicated emotions.  Everybody likes pretty.

Which brings us to the topic of packaging. There is an excitement and an itch that comes when an individual purchases a product or good. It's a signal to our reward system that we have successfully sought and gained the thing in which we desired. What's more is a package that is prettily wrapped, nestled gently amidst shaved paper, wood, or glittering tinsel. Our eyes rest upon the beautiful accoutrements and our heart pounds a little quicker. This is desire. This is lust. This is love.

While small businesses such as ours cannot afford to spend hefty change on advertising or brand streamlining, we can ensure that our packages have appeal. Reminiscent of  a song from The Sound of Music, we spend a great deal of time with brown paper packages tied up with string.  We often add dried botanicals from our family garden and a handwritten thank you note. (Rosebuds, dried orange slices, lavender sprigs, and cedar branches are some of our all-time favorites.) We try to avoid packing peanuts and instead invest mainly in recycled content or shaven wood. Taking the time to wrap our packages with care shows not only our dedication to our customers, but also the pride we have in our craft.

We believe packaging matters and will be one of the things that bring customers back time and again.

(This article was originally published under Figs and Feathers Farm, 5/15/18.)

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