There is magic in soapmaking.

It is the perfect balance between art and chemistry. It allows us to make something beautiful (or on occasion, catastrophic). It can reflect our mood, our style, our passions. It tells a story of creativity and joy. It can be an outlet for sadness, grief, or an aide as we trudge through life's unpredictability. Please know, it is not a simple bar of soap you are buying; it is a piece of someone's heart and soul, perhaps even their livelihood. It really is a wonder.

Hi, there. It's so nice to meet you. I'm Meghan, a former public school Kindergarten teacher, small-time forager, plant adorer, globe trotter, hobby farmer, and the proprietor of Foraged Soap Co. (formerly, Figs and Feathers Farm). Being a self-made soapmaker, I've learned a tremendous amount from my 20 years of experimentation. I've learned to use proper safety equipment (not ahem, shorts and flip flops), I've learned to always expect a mess (that sometimes takes days to clean up), and most importantly, I've learned the value of products made from scratch. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and will, just like so many other things in life. And let's be real for a few minutes: it is not cheap either. Especially for those  of us who choose to use primarily organic oils, and more locally sourced ingredients. Though, living in one of the most abundant, agriculturally rich areas of the United States, we are fortunate to have access to bountiful harvests year-round and supporting our state's vast network of growers and laborers is one of our proudest virtues.

My husband of 15 years, Eric, is also a driving force behind our business. He is Yonsei (fourth generation Californian; great-grandchild of Japanese Immigrants). His family has spent lifetimes integrating with and uplifting our community since his Issei (first generation) emigrated in 1889. From laborious farm work in the asparagus and strawberry fields to long careers in the military (even after their mandatory relocation due to Executive Order 9066), their spirits never wavered. Eric brings this same, strong ideology of perseverance and hopefulness to Foraged. It is this persistence that keeps me going when I am burned out and depleted (an inevitability with any small business). He truly is the rock in the churning sea of uncertainty; something this soapmaker cannot thrive without.

Our work has been featured in Sactown Magazine, The Handmade Pop Up, SF Etsy, The Sacramento Bee, on Good Day Sacramento, and was picked up by the West Elm LOCAL program in 2018 within the state of California.